Zapier: Memberstack New Member > Webflow Live Collection item

Hi everyone.

I’m facing problems with some automations. I have a Zap that generates a Webflow Collection live item, everytime a new Member is created on Memberstack.

Sounds easy. and first it worked fine. But out of the blue, the some of my webflow collection item fields are empty even though in my zap all data is correctly passed. When I make a test on Zapier it works fine. But as soon as I add a new member on the website. Some fields ob my sign in form are not passed from memberstack to webflow.

More details: I use a multistep form. Funny is that the data of my form fields of my second and third step are not shown in webflow. But actually this should not be the problem, since all data is nicely stored in memberstack, and just does not pass to webflow when doing the real zap live (and not only as a “test&review”.

Very strange since once it worked.

Anybody has some kind of solution to this?

Would be great it drives me nuts.

best, Patrick

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Important addition > It’s about the data attributes

If I move the form field that is not correctly passed from Memberstack to Webflow in Zapier to my form with the data attribute ms-signup=“true” it all works fine again.

The problem is the form with the data attribute ms-update=“profile” > this one somehow creates a bug and cannot be passed to webflow?!