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Zapier integration to send form submissions through GMAIL

Hi, I have been running into issues with one of my restaurant clients email continually getting blacklisted ( someone unsubscribing them from their own forms). This is a high traffic site so it has been a real hassle particularily as they are open day and night so out of nowhere they can stop receiving booking requests and it can take quite a while for webflow support to delist the email.

To remove the unsubscribe link in the default forms i have implemented the zapier integration to send submissions through gmail which works quite well.

My issue however is that because there is a number of other forms on the site i cant completely remove the restaurants email from the Send form submissions to field in the default form settings which means they receive the booking form submission twice (default webflow form and the zap)

I dont really want to setup a zap for every single form on the site but is this my only option?

This is quite unfortunate. I have warned everyone about this issue/bug over a year ago but it was swept under the rug and it was “found” to be “working as intended”.
Ability to remove new "Unsubscribe" link from mail notifications

You didn’t explain why you can’t, or what is special about those forms.

For example they have a general contact form on the site aswell. If i were to remove the restaurant email from the “send form subs to…” they wouldnt receive the submissions from the general contact form.

So im guessing i would need to create a zap for this also.

If you use a different form name for the contact form, you can get Zapier to perform a different zap based on this. So most likely you’ll just need one more zap to cover this case, before you can entirely ditch the webflow form submission notification.

If you need us to take a look at your site, please share links to example forms on the site.

Yep i am aware of this. The only reason im balking at creating a zap for each form is that its not just 1 restaurant, its 6 restaurants each with multiple forms. So this would require about 20 or so different zaps.

I did also implement the google sheets integration but my client would rather get an email for each submission.

Hi all, related question:

Every time a user submits a Form Entry on my webflow website, I want to send the user an automated e-mail through gmail, saying “your submission has been received.”

Is this possible with Zapier?

Yes it’s possible, zapier has a webflow implementation “relatively” easy to setup.

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