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Zapier alternative

I just wanted to share this because I was using Zapier and was super frustrated. I have started using Flow Enterprise and it way more powerful than Zapier. link

It’s a little more complicated than Zapier, but it’s well worth learning. You can do so much more with Flow.

I added a wishlist item to request a Flow integration for Webflow.

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Very interesting thanks for sharing, could you give a couple of examples of what you’ve achieved with it, on the “Explain it like I’m 5” mode? :slight_smile:

Form Handler - I integrated Webflow sites to a flow with a webhook. I look for headers with the switch element to make logic decisions about where to send the form data. Some forms go to a CRM, some go to a spreadsheet, some get emailed, etc.

CMS updates - I set a daily flow to update Webflow CMS items. It’s easier than Zapier because you can set up loops.

Lead Manager - I’m currently working on a lead routing system to send texts and emails based on time and then save the data to a database.

Blog Updates - I get Buffer entries and send them to update Webflow blog entries. Again, using the switch element to route the data.

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Thanks a ton.

@zbrah you want to look at this I think.

You will need to use the HTTP Request element under the Utility section to make calls to Webflow API. Another tool I use when integrating API’s is Postman. It’s a great tool to inspect the API calls and see the returned data.

I can share Flows if anyone needs them. Also, I think I will put together and share a Postman collection for Webflow API’s.


I would be interested in that for sure. Thanks