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Z-index question

Hi Team,

I have went through the other Z-index questions on the forum but couldn’t fix my issue.

The green H1 is staying on top of the drop-down menu, but I want it to stay under the drop-down menu. I set the Z-index for each drop down divblock at 9999, I also set he Z-index of the parent Container to 9999, and the H1 is set to Z-index 1. Both the H1 and the individual divblocks are directly nested inside the Container, and the container is nested inside the Section.

Extra question if you have time :slight_smile: : I placed these div-blocks the way they are, and will use their positions and hide/show to animate them when mouse is hovered on the menu buttons. Would this be the right way to do it (I don’t want to use the navbar component)?


Here is my site Read-Only:

And the published link:

Hey, @malik
I don’t uderstand what you want. Could you show your design?

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Hey malik,

I think I know how to fix it. You should go to your dropdown menus and set it’s background to white. The dropdown background is currently set to transparent so thats why you can see the heading.

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Ahh, that is right! Thank you very much @Nazrin_Harris :slight_smile: appreciated.

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