Z index make my progress bar always on top

Hi guys,

My timeline progress bar is always on top of my text wrapper like this

And I want to achieve something like this to make it under my text or make it below it.

Is there any solution to solve this ? Is there something wrong with my z-index set-up?

Thanks for help guys

Here is my site Read-Only:

Use positive numbers.
I changed div block 198 to 5
The ones inside timeline_wrapper I changed from - to + eg -3 to 3


I looked at it as well and @iDATUS is correct. I would also suggest moving the H2 above with an opaque bg so the line doesn’t go through it. I played around with it for a bit and it is not hard to accomplish.

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hi @Jake_Arredondo and @iDATUS , implemented @iDATUS 's method but still not managed to solve the problem.

I have set div block 198’s z index to 5

and everything inside timeline-wrapper I changed from - to +.

the section-timeline is still -3.

Did I set something wrong ? appreciate your help man

I guess my main question is why do you have the timeline running through your entire page? You could use something like I did on this page: Company Information (scroll down to the production roadmap section) You will see that it changes for mobile but still has the desired effect. I only put lines and interactions within the section.

If you still want to use your way, all you need to do is set the “Section-Timeline” z-value to “Auto”. Then, go into the above section “Section BG Primary 2” and set that z-value to 5.

You also don’t need to have div 198 be a part of section-timeline. You can just place the div above the section. Either way, hope the info helps.

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