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Z index issues - trying to make a footer that is revealed on scroll

I am trying to make my footer sit underneath a fullscreen image that can be scrolled up.

The footer should appear fixes, and the photo should pull up over.

I want the footer to still be able to be clicked despite sitting underneath the image Z-index wise

Currently, on mobile, it looks as if the footer slides up, not is revealed.


It is clickable for me.

Dram, mobile doesnt seem to do it for me - looks like its sliding up versus being revealed

Check on your phone - it doesnt click through

Ah, I see. Do not use negative z-indexes for anything you want to be clickable (note the warning that appears after you give -1 to any element)

Then how do I give something static a z-index of 1 (and the footer 0) so it sits above the footer?

You cannot give z-index to elements that are static. Use relative.