Z-index issue: text running in front of menu items

A little z-index problem: I have text in link boxes, “GLOSSARY”, “WHAT CAN WE DO”, “ARTICLES”, all running in front of the menu text when I scroll. It’s got a z-index of 2. If I take that z-index away those text items disappear. I assume this is because I keep using z-index as a crutch rather than setting things up properly in the first place? This text is for some reason set absolute to the body rather than relative to those buttons. I don’t remember how I set it up, but it’s a total mess.

Here’s my read-only

Hi @mimfox

A simple fix should be to change the ‘resources text’ to a z-index of 1 - that appears to work ok for me?

I’m guessing one reason for your z-index approach is to enable the changing navbar as you scroll? There’s nothing wrong with using Z - just requires keeping track and planning ahead to prevent tweaking further down the line! :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a couple of tutorials for changing navbars on scroll which you may find useful:

Hope that helps…

Weird, I was sure I’d tried that like a thousand times. Thanks. I’ll suss out those tutorials.