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Z-index for clicking


I do need some help here. Thank you all in advance.

I have set up my landing page with

1 x fix symbol = “interactions” z(10), and within this a
Nav Menu button = “Tce-hamburger” z(100)

on Section 3

“HP1-section” w/ z-index auto and within this

 "sticky-left" z(auto)  and a background image and in this
       "order-lottie-wrapper" z(110)

 "scrolling-right" z(100) and no background, and in this
        "product item" z(100)

I can click on “product item” and I can click on “Tce-hamburger” .
but I cannot click on “order-lottie-wrapper”. How can I set this?

In addition, I need the "interactions with the nav menu button remaining without disappearing to the back.

Please advise on z-index…


Here is my site Read-Only: