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Z-index break interaction on div below

Hey there!
I have an object with a hover interaction on it.
On top of this object, is a div with a gradient (fixed position), to add some fading out effect.

Because the gradient has a higher z-index (which it needs), the interaction isn’t working properly.
Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey aaleks.

Can you supply a share link?


Here’s the link. I’m talking about the top link in the list, ‘Amsterdam’.


Thanks aaleks. I see what you’re trying to achieve here, and am not sure how to get around it. @mistercreate, any ideas?

Hey man, thanks for taking a look.
I actually just figured it out, didn’t really know what to search for before, but then I remembered:

.scroll-gradient-top {pointer-events:none;}

This code will ignore the gradient element.