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Youtube video not showing correctly in mobile view+

Hi all,

I have a video page with a number of youtube videos embedded. Works fine when you click on the thumbnails but in iPad and mobile view it shows comments, related videos and controls. I don’t want that! If you click on Webflow’s embedded Youtube videos on their site it shows ONLY the video itself.
How to I achieve this? Can see another poster has raised the same issue before with no solution given.
Can somebody help? Thanks so much…

Here’s my link:

I could be mistaken but it looks like YouTube has removed these options. Even from the developer parameters. This might not be an option anymore. I have just been researching and I can’t do this myself. It use to be very easy, you use to be able to do this from the YouTube video itself by clicking on “Share” and then “Embed” and deselect the options you did not want. Now they are gone. And after visiting the developer page, those options are missing from there as well.

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Thanks J_Canan for your reply. Disappointed to hear - guess I have to live with it…

Trust me I know. It’s simply not working anymore. Sucks.

Just to clarify. I read that they changed their parameters on Sept 25th. All videos embeded prior to that will still show. But now they changed it as they feel that having those parameters is the core function of how YouTube works and wants to keep it consistent across the board.

Who knows maybe in the future we will get a paid pro plan that offers these options again plus more.

I also wondered why Webflow’s videoes still works - so makes sense. Maybe Vimeo can be a solution…

Yes definitely! I mean Vimeo starts at like $7/mo but they’re great! Love their players and platform!