Youtube Video link to next page after video ended

Hi everyone,

I´m a newbie here so sorry for this question if it is super easy:

I have a 360 Youtube Video which after the video is played should kind of automaticily redirect to another page.

I couldn’t find a solution like timed transitions. The Video ending is after 2:33 min.

Thanks in advance

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You could probably use a meta redirect in a Embed box somewhere on the page;

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="153;url=">

The number “153” stands for 153 seconds = 2 minutes and 33 seconds. :slight_smile:

@robingranqvist - The issue with that approach is that it does not matter if they watched the video, or are just reading the page. They will be redirected.

@Alessa_Klinger - Youtube does not offer such a feature with the embed. However if you use Vimeo with the player SDK, you can run a script when the video has ended. This requires custom code.

Why not just have a button in the video the user can click on? That you can do in Youtube. See ->

onStateChange events

To detect “end of video X” and than do Y - you should use Youtube API (You should know Javascript). onStateChange = 0 (Ended).

“The problem” - Chrome (Most popular browser) block autoplay videos with sound - so no way to “auto” play the next video with sound on “next page”.

onstatechange - read more her:

Autoplay Playlist

Easier idea:

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Thx that actually worked great :smile: