Youtube Video Embed via CMS API

I’ve created a new item via the CMS API that contains a video link field and for some reason it doesn’t pull in the embed details and any video element on the site linked to the item’s field will not display the embedded video.

However when a video link from youtube for example is copied in on the webflow online editor to a CMS item, it automatically pulls in the embed details and works fine.

Any idea why this is occurring?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @MichaelMagrath, could you help to share the link to the site, or a small example, that you are trying to use with the Video field in the CMS?

Does the video link get saved as a text field in the cms, or not at all?

I am having the same problem. It is showing as text in the collection however not seen as video link.

When I manually add and remove a space in the item editor it will be recognized as a video.

Hi @vincent1, are you by any chance importing your video urls via a csv import or via the cms api?

If so there is an open issue where it is necessary to manually cut and re-paste the video url in a video url field.

I have followed up on this, as soon as fix is pushed out I will post an update here.

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Hi Dave,

Yes, I am using the API. Looking forward for an update.


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hello there, thank you for the amazing tool webflow is providing us.

I’m working on a client’s project. Large database import. I have over 200 CMS elements to be imported with 6 video link fields each. Everything works well apart from the video link. Video link field is recognized during import, but doesn’t show on the website embed.

I belive this is still an open bug, as seen here:

@cyberdave, any news on this topic? This would be a nightmare if this bug is not fixed yet. We’re looking to update via API as well after the website is live, so I’m afraid the same bug will happen on that process as well.

thank you very much for your attention.

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