Youtube video coming from CMS


Is there a way of using the Youtube element and getting the video from the CMS. Youtube elements allow for autoplay off, check on and off which I want in some places and on in others !

Is it better for SEO to use the youtube element rather than video also?

here is the preview link:

Here is the custom domain:

Hi Sheena, the way to do this is to construct your own player.
The simplest way is to use Youtube’s native embed code.

  • Create a Youtube ID text field in the CMS
  • Store just your video ID, nothing else
  • Drop an Embed on the page and paste in your Youtube embed code.
  • + Add Field to replace the ID with your CMS-stored field
  • Change the querystring settings, etc in the embed for the features you want

For settings like Autoplay you can create separate fields if you want to control that by video. An easy way is to use an options field with 1 and 0 or on and off depeneding on the parameter’s requirements, and just embed that field.

Note autoplay generally won’t work in modern browsers with muted off, so look into that.

If you want more control, the next jump is to use an actual player like Plyr.js and control it with javascript.

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@memetican Thank you for so much help!!