YouTube Shorts not playing with Video Link

I am quite new to Webflow and am busy making a portfolio website for a university project.
I am trying to use the Video Link in the CMS to link to a YouTube Short but it is not working.
When connect it to a normal YouTube video it works perfectly. Does Webflow not support YouTube Shorts? And if it does why is it not working on the Video Link?
Thank you.

You need to modify the URL, but it’s easy.

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I have successfully embed, but I don’t know how to make Youtube shorts videos automatically play. i Use Youtube shorts downloader

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@memetican - Do you know if modifying the URL is still the trick?

I tried updating the URL as mentioned in your video, but Webflow is throwing an error that it is an invalid link and won’t save.

Then, I took the modified URL based on your video and pasted into my browser and noticed that Google updated the link a bit. I then tried pasting that as my video link and it didn’t work either on the page (though I am able to see a preview when looking at the item via Collections).

My regular non-shorts videos are displaying just fine on the page.


@ColleenBrady -
Yes just retested it and added some notes to clarify.
I suspect you’re changing the shorts to watch outside of the browser URL bar, so you’re not getting the correct URL format that YouTube redirects to.

Lots of updates.

@adamtube -
Instructions on how to autoplay added as well. Didn’t see your post.

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Thanks for the quick response and extra detail @memetican. :pray:

Not sure where I went wrong, but it’s working now after going through the updated documentation.

Thanks again! :smile:

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