Your website has been hacked

Today I got an email through the form I created on my website. It says my website has been hacked and they need $3000 in bitcoins. (Also they didn’t mention if the amount is US or CAD :crazy_face:)
My website is on, but I’m scared. No one likes to get hacked, even Vlad Magdalin. What should I do?
I tried to export my website as a backup, but it seems I’m allowed to do that.

Few of my clients had also received the same message. I’m not a security expert but it’s probably just spam. Please add Recaptcha if not already done.

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I got the same message yesterday and today, among other various spam messages through the contact form, which is why I am assuming it is just spam. It is irritating, though, so any advice how to stop it would be appreciated!

This is a phish to get you to act on the spammers wishes which is to separate you from your hard earned money. Solution: Delete it.

You could potentially enable reCaptcha but that won’t stop someone from manually filling in a form. Some bots yes, but at the expense of website performance impact of using it.

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Thank you guys, for sharing your experience and giving solutions. :heart:

Are you seriously telling me you believed they hacked your website?

How is it possible I am receiving this same email, even though we use 3th party Jotform forms on the website that only use a script block, yet still end up in my webflow account?


This appears to be a targeted spam email sent through website forms. Please ignore the email, as all information in that email is completely false.

Our security team is actively investigating these incidents. We assure you that your website is safe.


If you believe you or your client received a spam form submission, please forward the email to

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Matthew, I forwarded the spam. :outbox_tray: