"Your sites are at risk!" email-message

Hi all!
I’m new to Webflow. A moth ago I designed my personal website giadapieropan.com and I decided to pay for a moth to see whether I liked Webflow enough. Now, a month has passed I and I was thinking of leaving my website online (domain paid with GoDaddy) and not change the design for a couple of months- as there isn’t nothing new to add.
Today, I received a Webflow email saying:
“Your sites are at risk! Oh no! You have sites that are at risk of being unpublished due to failed attempts to charge your credit card.”
So… Am I paying for my design here, or to keep it online? Can I not just have my website online with Go Daddy and re-start my membership in a couple of months?


Hi @Giada_Pieropan

There’s a few things to consider, and maybe you are confused at what is being paid for…


Which Designer plan did you choose?
(The Designer Plan is an annual/monthly fee for the tool to build your site - not host it)

  • Starter (Free - 2 sites)
  • Lite (10 sites)
  • Pro (unlimited)

Which Webflow hosting did you choose?
(A monthly/annual fee to Webflow to host your site)

  • Basic
  • CMS

Your GoDaddy domain is like a limited time licence to own your domain name, so it doesn’t keep your website online - only an additional hosting plan can do that.

If you actually exported your website from Webflow and uploaded it to host with GoDaddy instead, then that’s a strange email to receive from Webflow and you should contact them to resolve - support@webflow.com

Hope that’s useful…

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Thanks a lot @StuM. I was really confused, and now I know where i did wrong! Thanks again :slight_smile: