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Your help needed: Survey on Website Creation

We are final year MBA students at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington (Seattle, WA). We are doing a study on tools used for website creation, and would appreciate your input. The survey shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Thank you!

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@vinayb13: Just a few observations from the research methodology and UX side on your survey instrument. Since we don’t have visibility into how your data will be used in analysis, they may be insignificant, but the form of your inquiry implies some direction in your analysis that could merit consideration.

  1. Just a UX note: The form of your question on Q1 and the labels on the answer matrix don’t correspond, and create more than a little cognitive noise. Probably not an issue if your informant sample were screened to include appropriate professional profiles only, but as your sample is unscreened and can be assumed to include some general population component, I would expect some users to misinterpret and possibly reverse their answer polarity by accident. If you’re posting it in largely professional forums, that level of incidence may be low enough to be insignificant. Since you are not including informant profiling questions or pre-screening though, there’s a probably low but ultimately unknown level of confidence on this one. Rewording the strength of association labels to importance would entirely resolve this concern.

  2. Responses are required for all platforms. I’m curious about your methodology for addressing the ambiguity behind responses from users that have experience with some/most but not all platforms. For example, some will drop out, creating a screening effect for only informants that have experience with all platforms (albeit not a clean or statistically useful one). I wasn’t willing to drop out, and just picked the middle answer for every item on those platforms. Other respondents may use some other non-dropout response strategies. To the degree that we provide responses for platforms we don’t have experience with, we are adding a perhaps unknowable level of noise to your data.

I hope you follow up with a link to your report, or at least executive summary. It would be great to see where you went with this data.