Streaming live at 10am (PST) CMS Similar to Webflow's CMS Design (from the Beta Video)

So this site is made in Webflow, and looks like Webflow’s @thesergie design style…

Found a link about it today. Thoughts?
I saw it and was just like:

Interesting… That’s all i’ll say for now.

Thanks for sharing. This CMS Xpos is presenting looks powerful and has a great feel. I will stay on top of it and see if I like them, again thanks for sharing this @Waldo_Broodryk

My personal opinion:
It is hard to believe in good perspective of platform, which uses their competitors platform for create their own site. Even their blog designed in Webflow and exported in Wordpress. Which says to me, that Webflow is #1 anyway :smiley:


Great points @sabanna, It is neat that it will be open source though. In the preview on the blog it looked interesting. I guess we shall see. Here’s their blog:

Just interesting…We shall see. I prefer having a one stop shop solution like webflow and am excited for the CMS integration. :slight_smile:


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