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XML-Table from FTP-server to Webflow CMS

Hi there,

I usually work as an IT-Administrator, which means I barely ever code.
On the side I’m working on some website from my customers, but only did very basic sites up until now and it’s been lot of fun.

Now I got a new project on my hands, a website which is supposed to display the estate objects of my customer.
Said objects are exported by a software called “estateOffice”. Unfortunatly the only export option it offers is as XML table to an ftp-server.
Before hiring an developer for the job, I’d like to give it a shot myself, since I want to learn.
I’m just looking for some pointers in the right direction.

What I have in mind is a php script, which reads the XML file off of my ftp server and parses it into webflow CMS via the webflow api.
Before doing that, it has to -every time it is run- fully clear the CMS, so old objects are removed.

Is that possible? Or am I completly wrong? Is there a better way to do it?
Any input is highly appreciated! Thank you very much!