Xinova Template

I recently purchased the Xinova template and took my site live. I noticed that I cannot find a way to modify the social bar at the top of the page via the Designer but only through the Editor. I updated the links to a couple social media sites I’m using but do not want the others. However, I cannot delete them (or can’t find a way how to, rather). Anyone using this template or have the know-how?

Thank you!

Hi @fixmyprocess

This should work:

In the navigator panel:

  • Double click the ‘Header’ symbol (green)

  • Then select the ‘Container Top’ and give it a top margin of 90

This then brings it into view for easy editing:

  • Just delete the ‘Social Line’ links as needed

  • Then remove that 90 margin we added to ‘Container Top’ to return it to it’s original position

Remember with a paid template you also get support from the template creator @Deni_1990 if you hit any issues (see the ‘support’ tab on the template info page)

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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