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X-Ray Mode third mode

Hey guys,
I’ve been using the x-ray mode extensively recently in order to find hidden margins and padding that won’t always play nice together. Its an incredible feature and it rocks! I’ve currently noticed that some margins, even if they are marked as a grey zero on the margin bar, it actually displays an x-ray marging until I mark it as an edited “blue” zero. This might be to the fact that i’m using a modified button and therefor referencing out a different class or css style. I was wondering if you could implement a third X-ray mode. Currently a hover displays margins and paddings in color which are disabled once you select the object. In third mode, could we keep the visual reference even after we select a div or other element?

Totally Joel! We were thinking of doing that actually because it would be nice to see hover and padding on hover. But I think that would part of the show/hide edges setting.

These would be the show and hide edges options:

  1. Show edges and margin/padding when you hover over an element. Show edges when element is selected.
  2. Show edges on hover. Show edges when element is selected.
  3. Hide edges on hover. Show edges when element is selected.
  4. Hide edges on hover. Hide edges when element is selected.

Of course this seems complex and may need to be broken down into two different setting types, but this is the kind of functionality I would love as I design in Webflow.

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Seriously, I just wished I worked for you guys. This is awesome! Your recommendations are spot on!