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Wrong URL Address

Hello all! I am trying to get an image from the hosted site and use it as a custom image hover. I found a problem while inspecting the web page. It seems like my URL redirect went haywire. Any way I can solve this issue? Thank you!


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Hello hello! Any help?

Add read-only link and live url (No way to answer like this).

Thanks for getting back. Here’s the live link:


and Webflow read-only link


The errors you show related to the designer. Please be more specific please.

You talk about example-cms page “left arrow”? What is the problem (Visual problem). Add screenshot.

This is the broken link - but its hard to answer like this.‘’

Hey, I am trying to change the cursor to become a custom image cursor when it hovers over the “curser-left” region.

Meaning to say when it hover to the left, it should change the cursor to left arrow image and vice-versa.

I followed this tutorial but ended up with a broken link.
(Use a custom cursor)

Ok. Next time please ask more specific Q (Otherwise no way to answer!!).

Custom image cursor not working or css cursor:url not working or more semantic Q title.


Save the icon as Square icon. Done


Code issue. Use quotes or double quotes --> not and ( apostrophe)


.left-arrow-hover {
cursor: url(""), auto;

Thank you! I will take note on the naming of the title! Thanks so much!