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Wrong template page

I am using the CMS for a baseball team website. One of my collections is for the players. When I try to look at an individual player page, it doesn’t always show the correct player’s page despite clicking on it in the dropdown box. Image 1 displays Logan Ullom’s page which is correct. Image 2 should show Evan Schumacher’s page but doesn’t and I can’t figure out why.

The other issue I am having is that some images show up on the template page and some don’t. For example, the player page for my son, Kaden Saunders, displays correctly on the published site but does not display his image or player information when I click on it from the collection dropdown box. Man, now I am rambling. Please help. Preview link is in post #6.

Hi @Aksaunders Can you please provide your read-only link?

Thanks in advance

Rookie mistake. I edited the original post with the preview link.

I still was unable to figure out this issue. I fixed it though by deleting the offending pages and recreating them by duplicating one of the pages that worked and replacing the data in the collection.

Hey, @Aksaunders

You connected a wrong link as read-only. Could you share the correct link, please?


Here is the preview link. For the record, the pages that I was concerned with have been fixed by deleting them, duplicating a working page, and recreating the deleted ones. Still, there are a few player pages that do not show when you click on its name in the drop down for the player template page. An example is the page for player named Gabe Kegler.

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We are checking it out, @Aksaunders. Stay tuned, please :slight_smile: