Wrong OG Information when posting Blog Posts to LinkedIn

Hello everyone,
I am trying to post blog articles to LinkedIn and the share dialog displays another article name along with the right thumbnail for an article I actually want to post.
Here are the screenshots of my SEO/OG settings for the dynamic template and both share dialogs: LinkedIn (displaying the wrong post name while directing to the right article) and Facebook (doing everything right).
Here’s a link to the blog post I am trying to share: How Veloce CPQ augments Salesforce CPQ
What do I do to fix that? Webflow support doesn’t even reply with the issue ticket number.

Hi @Vdroog,

Would you be able to try posting this again? I have just crawled it using the LinkedIn Post Inspector, hopefully it is showing the correct information now.

You can use the Post Inspector here: Post Inspector

It’s looking correct on my end: (99 ) Feed LinkedIn 2022-05...

Let me know how you go!

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Whoa, it worked. Sooooo, does Post Inspector reset cached info or something?

It rescrapes the OpenGraph content, you can also use the Facebook Sharing Debugger and the Twitter Card Validator if you’re seeing incorrect OpenGraph content on these platforms as well.

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Thank you very much. You’re awesome!