Wrong font displayed on CMS item after publishing

I have a CMS page set up to contain information about different people. After I publish, the font for certain text elements within a specific person changes. This has been hard to figure out since I have the same class used across all text elements and it’s displaying correctly for other people’s pages.

I can’t share the published page, since it’s private (blocked through MemberStack membership). However, I’m attaching a screenshot to help explain this issue.

I’ve also looked into any custom code we have and we only have the memberstack script that looks like this:

<!-- Memberstack session duration -->
  ms_settings = {
  session:  336 //2 weeks in hours

<!-- Memberstack --> 
        src="https://api.memberstack.io/static/memberstack.js?webflow" data-memberstack-id="ccdbcbe7ede0d5d6c03ca01a757f1c4c"> 

<style type="text/css"> 
    .ms-test-mode, #ms-test-mode {display:none !important;} 

Other details: We pull the information on the page from an Airtable that is linked to Webflow through Zapier.

What can I do to display the right font?


Here is my public share link

Hey @Pablo_Montoya , I would recommend inspecting using dev tools on the live website to see where it is pulling its styling from.

You could also share the live link here but since your website is locked behind an account, I am not really sure if you are comfortable turning that off.

Thanks, @imtiazraqib, but inspecting wasn’t helpful, unfortunately. Here I’m attaching a new screenshot of the inspected element, and you can see how 2 text elements that use the same class (both highlighted) display different fonts.

Sadly, I can’t unlock the account since it’s client-facing.

I fixed it! This was so simple, yet dumb. There were a couple of characters that were messing everything up:

Once I removed them it got fixed.

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