Wrong custom font src url in exported code

Hi there,

I have a problem with custom font url on export, which is completely wrong and shows the following:

src: url('../images/') format('woff2');

The exact same problem was already described seven! years ago.

I guess my problem comes from to the file-name, which initially contained a comma:

The renaming and re-uploading suggested in the post above didn’t help for me.
What’s weird, although changing the font name the link on the published webflow.io domain leads to a file containing the old name:

src: url('https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/64776b61d02a480e0f95f341/64784195669464f45613336a_OpenSans-VariableFont_wdth%2Cwght.woff2')

Maybe there is an internal cache that takes the old file if it is already online?
Is there a another file name saved in the woff container?

Happy for help!


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