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WritKit - Blog Faster (built in Webflow)

Hey all,

I launched an MVP on Product Hunt today using Webflow. Webflow has been great for testing small projects with total ease. Also thanks to the Webflow team for their SSL help on this site. Give it a look and let me know what you think!



Love this!

My wife is starting out in the blogging world and this is great. I’ve sent you a tool suggestion too (Image Optim) and we’ll share the site in her blogging circles etc. Really great idea, well done!

Maybe add a section for those wanting affiliate companies in the future?

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Thank you, Mark! Just added your suggestion to the kit :slight_smile: I hope it serves her well in the future!

The affiliate companies idea would be a good one for personal blogger - I personally don’t even know where to begin aggregating that info!

Thank you again for your submission.

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