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I am wondering if it is possible to add a dropdown menu to the WRITE template and then move the Living, Food & Drink categories into the dropdown menu?



Hello @DaveReadle

Yep, it is possible, you need to add the Dynamic Content into Dropdown and linked to Categories and its done.

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Hi @DaveReadle
You can check the template that I shared as a freebie. I created exactly what you ask for.
Here is the link to the preview https://webflow.com/website/fashionlatte.

Cheers mate :wink:

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looks great mate how do I clone it?

Simply, just click on the “Clone” button :slight_smile:

cheers dude, cloned site. In the designer how do you hide the nav bar so I can make changes to pics etc.

thanks again, Great work!


Select “Navbar” and in the Display Setting click None.

You’re welcome mate :wink:

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