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Wrapper Sticky not visible on mobile


I have a wrapper sticky that won’t show only on the vertical view of mobile, but in rest it shows. Any idea of what is there to do?:smiley:

I’m becoming you’re private Webflow help now :laughing:
The issue is with the sizing of the elements above. The “Parallax image” element is constantly hidden by the “Grid line number” element above.
You need to set the heights back to what they are in the other viewports:

  • “Text Grid” and “Wrapper Text Number Section” to Height : 100vh
  • “Grid line number” to Height : 200vh

That should solve the issue and you’ll see the rainbow cat again.
However, before doing this, do check it looks ok on mobile. Webflow preview doesn’t take into account viewport height so this looks ok when testing on computer, but on an actual phone screen it could be too much…