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Wrapper alignment

So I purchased a template (Vitae) to use when I got my account and figured I would build into that.
But my dates for past employment don’t seem to line up on the first page, ive read posts about using flex and wrapping children but it doesn’t seem to work for my issue, any ideas?

thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link:

Hi @Dallas_Keeler

Do you still have this issue? If so, can you please post a screenshot of what you want to fix?

Hey Dallas,

I assumed you were referring to the date on the side that was not aligned.


The one below is perfect, so maybe best to compare differences on the wrap.

When we look at the two we can see that the one that is corrent has a different value on the right positioning. I swapped it to match this with 566px and it’s working fine.

Hope that helps.