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Wrap editable code with embedded DIV

I use CushyCMS for content management. Before adding the site to Cushy’s server it’s simple a case of wrapping the text area with div class=“cushycms” title="" text then a closing /div (sorry can’t add the angle brackets as this edits removed the code!).

I thought I’d be able to used embedded code in Webflow but for some reason when I add the div class=“cushycms” title="" code at the top of the text Webflow adds another /div . I’m not talking about the embed div but the code I entered. Of course the closing div needs to be at the end of the text block, so I’m stumped. Any ideas how I can wrap a text block suing embed? Works great for Google maps etc but this is way more important! Editing 60 pages of exported pages every time I make a change in Webflow will be a nightmare.


You don’t need to add custom code, you can wrap your text blocks with a div in the editor and give them a class of “cushycms”, and it should work.


thanks for the advice but when you say:

you can wrap your text blocks with a div in the editor and give them a class of “cushycms”

do you mean the cushy editor or webflow? editing in cushy wouldn’t solve the problem but if you can wrap in webflow please can you be more precise as to how to do this as I can only see the embed option. thanks. Mike

Do it in webflow, as it would be much easier. Take a look at the screenshot to see what I mean.


Ah yes, of course. I’ll try it out. Many thanks for your help. What a great community!

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Hi Collut

Though I’d give you an update…

I added the cushycms class to a text object (in the contact page) to try out CMS. It did work however CushyCMS stuck in lots of br / tags between the sections on just opening the page - so look like this is not going to work and clients would wreak havoc if they used CMS. I would still have had a major headache when clients ask me for structural changes such as a new menu option or display feature.

I currently produce websites for GP Practices, all are 50 to 60 pages. I split the site up into PHP includes so have a template for the heading, right bar and footer. All the html pages are then just content. If the GP Practice wants a new menu option I just amend the header template. With Webflow I would never be able to split the content, so until there is a CMS option within Webflow so the whole site is administered through Webflow hosting I’ll only be able to use Webflow for small simple non CMS sites. Shame as it’s almost there.

Lets hope the big update this year includes CMS.

Thanks for you help.


I highly recommend trying Surreal CMS. It’s whitelabeled and only 10USD/month for 5 sites. I’ve tried it and it works perfectly with webflow. There is a 30 day trial, I say give it a try. We still don’t know when the Webflow guys are going to release CMS features. :smile:

Surreal CMS looks good, I’ll try it out. Cushy is normally good, not sure where the line breaks are coming from.

I don’t use Webflow hosting but like the idea of keeping the sites in one place. That way my clients get secure forms as well (and I can use this to increase the annual price as Webflow hosting will cost me much more than Arvixe). So the issue is just the lack of CMS if using Webflow hosting. Do you know if it’s possible to link Webflow hosting to Cushy or Surreal? i.e. add ftp details like an external host? And if so would client edits be preserved if the website was updated later (say, a new menu option added)?

Thanks again.

Unfortunately webflow hosting currently does not support FTP connections (which sucks). So you would have to re-upload every time you do a design change. However, I think surreal supports small changes & additions such as a new menu option.

Why not build the edit page in webflow and continue using php to manipulate.

This is what I do.

I host on a dedicated server… So no fun issues.

Hi Revolution

I develop using Dreamweaver (at code level) and use CushyCMS for my sites. I basically design a site then break it up into a Header, Right bar and Footer Template then from each html page (the CMS bit) I do a php include of the Header, Right bar and Footer outside of the Cushy CMS Div. Works likes a dream. When clients ask me for, say, a new menu, item I just amend the header template and re-publish using ftp.

The problem with Webflow is that every time you publish following a change you have to break the website back up again. If CMS is not going to happen then what might be an idea is to have an option to break up the page into templates within Webflow then just publish as separate files. If like me all pages have these common elements then this would be good. Worth considering?

we come from similar worlds.

i am code-level developer myself.

Mostly… I use Webflow as a tool… not as a complete solution.

That, however has been changing… as I moved away from the military / governmental / corporate sectors.

I guess the holy grail would be Webflow for the speed in putting together responsive sites and the clean edits that php includes / templates provide. Until that day Webflow is no doubt stuck in small and pretty site / prototype design-land. Even if Webflow do announce CMS I’m going to find the hosting fee a little steep per client verses my annual return fee. I currently use Arvixe hosting which I am so impressed with. Using the CP, Add-on domains can be set up, so it’s possible to have 10s if not 100s of low bandwidth sites all on one Personal Pro account (at $168 for 2 years!). The only advantage I see with Webflow CMS is the secure forms and perhaps the ease of publishing (provided any client edited content is not overwritten). Let’s see what’s announced!

Glad you like Arvixe. I’m not a shared hosting fan.

I’m spoiled as I run my own dedicated servers… currently @ 6 servers.

The servers use to be in Chicago, Dallas, and Jacksonville… but I moved them over to Salt City UT a couple years ago.

I would really like to upgrade to dedicated, it’s just the cost. My clients pay an annual fee and dedicated would make a real dent. Do you use a company for your hosting or do you run your own servers? Not being very comms minded I’m also put off by concerns of having to set up php, cpanel etc - or is this done for you (like shared)?

I do run my own servers. I host my clients on my servers.

When you run servers… you have to provide server management… ie: you have to know what ssh is as well as command lines and obviously security.

For me… it’s just part of the job. I spend part of my time designing websites. Part of the time as a server admin. I need to find good sales people though.