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Wow.js Not Working

I’m experimenting with external libraries and resources.

I’ve successfully used animate.js and now am going for wow.js…

For some reason, wow.js is not working.


  1. linked to the library
  2. initiated wow with the

in the before body custom code section.

  1. added wow, and fadeInLeft to an h1 on the page.

Load the page, and nothing happens.
Any idea why this is not working?

Just found out that wow.js is not loading on the page… Does webflow not accept external javascript libraries? If not… why?

Can’t help without supporting information… Please read and adhere to guidelines

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I’m pretty sure its the fact that animate.css uses camelCase capitalization to name its animations. Webflow removes all capitalization of classes upon rendering the site. If you notice, when the animated class gets added to the objects, they pop in instantly. The appear happens, but the animations themselves are broken.

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