Would you please recommend a project management software

would you please recommend a project management software?
What software are you using?
If you had used some other software, why did you switch? Thanks.

Here’s 2 topics about project management tools:

Hi, our team use ProofHub to manage all our projects. It is a cloud-based property management and collaboration solution that helps real estate and property managers to keep track of functions related to their assets. The solution provides applications for project management, project collaboration and portfolio project management that includes resource and task management.Key features include discussions, notes, Gantt charts, to-do lists, calendaring, milestones, timesheets and more.

I recommend https://erise.app/
I freelancer developer and this tools is very

we use https://monday.com

I really like Asana for larger projects, and use Notion for anything for myself.

At our company, we use Proggio

It’s very intuitive and doesn’t take too long to learn and the fact that there is a free version makes it even better though we were sold on the fact that it actually integrates with Jira

All in all – very recommended

Project management software helps project managers (PMs) and teams collaborate and meet goals on time while managing resources and cost. Functions may include task distribution, time tracking, budgeting, resource planning, team collaboration, and many more.
Following are some project management software:

  1. Basecamp
  2. Teamwork Projects
  3. Clubhouse
  4. ProofHub
  5. Zoho Projects
    One of my favourite software is Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a fast, uncluttered project management platform for Agile software teams to plan, build, and launch better products.
    It combines just the right amount of simplicity and structure to keep software teams happy and productive.I am using this from a longer time.
    I recommend Monday.com for project management

I use Easynote for personal things, and I use it at work as well. It is free right now for early adopters, and it is for unlimited team members and unlimited widgets. Much better than Trello and easier to use.

Our company specializes in web design, and we also work with Clubhouse. It helps to track current and future tasks and the implementation process. Also, we use https://www.worktime.com/, it is easy to use, and with its help, you can control work productivity and connect to a large number of users.

I recommend-
Trello & Microsoft Project

@daviddavid2018 I would recommend using Coda to build your own project management system amongst all sorts of other things such as meeting automation and client relationship manager. It’s cost-efficient and you are killing so many birds with one stone.

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Hi there! Time to give this thread a second life.

I really like Ublo, it’s more for real estate project management, but it’s really useful.