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Would Webflow be powerful enough for this project ? Guidance appreciated :-)

Hello everyone,

Glad to finally join the webflow community !
I just finished the crash course tutorial on Webflow and I know how important it is to start applying what you just learn with real, concrete projects. Even though my skill as a webflow user is still obviously limited.

I had an idea in mind for a while now. I would like to create a “hub”, a repository of science-backed studies on a specific topic. If you’re familiar with this website, does exactly what I intend to do on a broader scale.
While examine is not specific to one “niche” but rather gathered studies on specific supplements, I intend to do the same for diabetes and everything related to insulin resistance.

Ideally, the project would contain a Home page with a search bar and illustrations all around, with part of the Homepage linking directly to subcategories like:

studies repository for the tag « Cinnamon »
studies repository for the tag « Metformin »
studies repository for the tag « chromium »

I have no worries about the front end part with Webflow but I’m still unfamiliar with its capabilities on the back end.
I imagine I’ll have to create a database regrouping every studies about the subject;

Ideally I’d crawl, scrape the URLs of the major databases publishing studies: Pubmed, SciendeDirect, Google scholar/ncbi, and the likes.
I’m also looking for guidance regarding the best practices here in building this database if any of you have experience in similar projects.

For the other pages of the project, for each of the tag/keywords like those mentioned above, say « Metformin », a guidance regarding the posology as well as a data frame summarising the outcome of each studies performed on Metformin would be enough for starters.
Ideally each rows of the data frames would contain these studies’ output/conclusion, with columns returning information like « limits of the study (done in rats and not in human, for instance) », « notes », etc. This would be enough to begin with.

All in all, I’d like to just build a « MVP » for now, with basic features. Ultimately, advanced data would be attached to these studies and I would take care of this as I have a background in data science/analysis.

So… Thank for reading this far, If Webflow seem like the ideal tool to build the MVP that’d be reassuring. Any tips or advices is also very welcomed.

Thank you everyone