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Would my website load faster if I made it only visible on mobile?

Hey there,
I couldn’t find much about this online.
I was curious, if I made my website only visible on mobile, would it load faster?
I’m pretty sure the majority of my visitors who land on my website will be on a mobile device, if I turned the visibility of my website’s sections off for all views above mobile, would it load faster?

Thank you for your help!
Stay safe and have a great day! :blush: :blush:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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If you only build in the mobile section then all the others would show just the mobile size.
As to speed it depends on what you mean by faster, interpreted or benchmark.
I would say no to interpreted and a smidgen on benchmark.

Again it depends on how many changes you make from the desktop to each size.
If its a lot there will be more html to download, if its just the odd position and size not really.
If you however add fonts for example then that can add a fair bit.

Does that help?
If so, tick me heart and solution to make things sweet.

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