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Would love some feedback

I just published and would appreciated any feedback.

My audience is businesses in the Phoenix area.

I have a lot more content and graphics to add but any feedback, at this point, would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Nice start!

I find the blue box around the title to be a bit distracting and the text over the top section is a little hard to read. I suggest adding a color overlay of a medium dark gray at anywhere from 5-20% to fade out the background a bit and make the text easier to read.

For the second section, i would increase the margins on the bottom of the button and reduce the spacing above them. I also don’t find the icons to really match the subject matter. Perhaps using font awesome to swap out the icons for more relevant ones would help.

For the printing section, I feel like this section doesn’t really match the rest of the template and looks out of place. Maybe follow the styling of some of the other parts from the template?

I hope that helps and if you need someone to get in there and tweak and style it up, I am always available for hire.

Good Luck!


Thanks for the feedback. You’re right on all of it. I sincerely appreciate it.

I think you’re from my hometown - Rochester. I miss the food… LOL