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Would like to create a site similar to X


I’m new to the site. I’d like to create a site similar to this:

But I don’t know where to start. I was hoping it was based on a template but I couldn’t find anything like it on the templates page.

Sorry for such a general question but I’d like to know how involved it would be to create a similar site and where to start.

Thanks for the help!


The site actually looks pretty simple [on iPhone].

You should start by putting a section(s) for the Hero and other sections. After that decide if the website has a container you should tell by the size of the content width of the content. Place a container if needed.

Place a div, add a background image into it. Then place another div and add a background color into it. Then add text to the 2nd div block.

After that place the 2nd div to a negative margin overlapping the first div. this should do it.

Let me know if you need anymore help. :wink:

Thanks for the help. The mobile version is indeed pretty simple.

However on desktop, I’m curious how the rollover effects are achieved, with the white blocks and the black bar animation. Once a project is clicked, how do you create that page overlay?

And lastly, how is that subtle image animation created sitewide as the user scrolls down?

Hey @Brian_Ho

I started writing some instructions on how to achieve the rollover effect in Webflow…then I figured i’d just build it for you instead!

Here’s the live example:

And here’s the cloneable site so you copy it (or just check out how its made):

Let me know once you’ve copied it so I can delete it from my public profile :slightly_smiling:



Thanks so much! That was awesome of you to do that. playing around with it now. Also, just sent you an email.


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No problem - happy to help!

Not received your email though…try me on: rise(dot)hiphop(at)gmail(dot)com

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