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Would like some feedback from experienced users

I’ve just finished this cloneable project (please find link at bottom) and I would like some general feedback on how close it is to the original. Please note that I’m still getting used to Webflow and I also plan on adding some animations tomorrow to give it some much needed polish.

If anybody would like an online project cloned then let me know as I’m wanting to push my abilities.

Preview link:

Great start. But you need to make sure that the page is completely responsive:

@PixelGeek Thanks for your valuable input. I’ve added some transitions and made it more responsive which is easy to do in Webflow. Please take another look if you have time and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Hi @fsociety79, looks pretty good… I think some background video on the hero section would look good, something subtle :wink:

@cyberdave Is there a way I can add a video without using custom code as I’m on the free plan?

Hi @fsociety79, take a peek at this article, it should help:

Pop a Background Video component into your section, and give a width and height of 100%. Drag the section content into the background video widget.

I hope this helps!

@cyberdave I’ve added a subtle pattern instead as a workaround. I’ll clone the project and insert the video as an alternative. Thanks for the info!

Edit: @cyberdave I’ve tried adding the background video, but I couldn’t seem to get the width and height right. I think it’s because the sample video I was using wasn’t the right dimensions to begin with and Webflow didn’t want to stretch it out for me no matter what I tried. I’ll stick with the subtle pattern.