Would it be possible to create a "voucher" site with the new CMS?


I m just thinking about it - but I could not get a clue yet how to realize it within the new cms collection system (with all these references and so on), but would it be possible to create a voucher like platform with the new cms?

How would you treat the problem with having either shops as a collection and also multiple voucher values/codes for each shop?

How could you display a shop subpage with all the different vouchers displayed only for this one shop (on a template site)? And then also display different vouchers for different shops on a homesite?

I ve done creating a collection of shops, then a shop template site and gather all the basic informations about each shop - but I could not connect this with getting also different elements like vouchers and so on also as a reference on that one site.

Just curious… p.s. this is not for business, just private … thinking !

“One bad way” would be to integrate all the different vouchers for each shop within the shop collection as double fields like

voucher-value1 description1, voucher-value2 description2, voucher-value3 description 3 and so on…but that would be like … hm very complicated?!? Or am I wrong?