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Would I be able to make a div horizonttally scroll under another fixed div?

If you follow this link ESPN and scroll down to the appearances section near the bottom you see the section that says Real Madrid is fixed and the rest of it scrolls horizontally.

Is this possible to do but only in Tablet and below mode only?

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Hey @Aasim_Azam That ESPN example is really cool. This is possible but you will need use some custom jQuery preferably a plugin to achieve this especially if you only want this occur in tablet mode.

I have used a plugin called StickyJS - and its actually quite simple to set up. And the good thing is its available to use from a free repository of jQuery plugins :smiley: -

All you need to do is include:

<script src=""></script>

in your projects Custom code > Footer section seen below:

You can select the element you want to make sticky and give it an ID name of “sticker”. Watch the magic work :smiley:

You read more about the plugin here:

Hope this help!

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