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Webflow has concerned me with their decisions and direction for many years and while I’m disappointed with this new move, unfortunately I’m in no way surprised.

The freelancers guide to Webflow hyperbole:
“Workspaces come with a new pricing model that closely reflects how our existing account and Team plans are set up” really means “40% increase in price”
“much simpler” really means “still confusing, just in an innovative new way that will have no real impact on you”


I don’t think the pricing for the Growth Plan is unreasonable. I was expecting something a lot bigger than that.

But the limit of only 10 unhosted websites for the Core plan is problematic. And part of the problem (as many others have pointed out) is that the Webflow workflow actively encourages you to clone other websites so you can examine the structure, reuse components, and easily create design back-ups outside of the standard backup infrastructure.

I have a Utility Folder with 36 websites in there alone: each with a range of useful components, or scripts, or custom code that I may or may not find useful one day in the future. Now this clearly isn’t the most efficient way to do things: and if forced to I could probably consolidate that into a single website if forced too.

But the “clone website” workflow doesn’t make this easy. If you are on the Core Plan you would effectively only have nine websites available: the tenth slot would be a “temp” slot for temporarily cloned websites.

And the workflow would go from:




One of the reasons I upgraded to the original Pro in the first place was so that I didn’t have to worry about running out of space.

The same with backups. The Webflow system of backups works fine. But occasionally I get the urge to completely nuke my website and start again. (Don’t fight me on this). So I’ll rebuild the website from scratch, get Webflow to repoint from the old site to the new, then archive the old website just in case there are any components that I later decide I want to transfer across. The new limits still means that this is kinda doable (by exporting the HTML, etc, and backing it up locally) but just really annoying.

Now there are workarounds for all of this, mainly around getting more efficient :slight_smile: But its a very big ask for people that have been paying for unlimited websites to have to decide which of their “babies” they are going to have to delete from the internet forever…or pay a higher fee for 8 additional seats they will never ever use.

I’m actually quite excited about the changes. I’ve been wanting to add a couple of seats to my plan: and the Growth plan is much more affordable than the old Teams framework. But forcing people to upgrade in order to maintain legacy services isn’t great.


Hi everyone.

First off, we appreciate each of you for your honest feedback. We have been reading and internalizing each post on this thread and across all of our sub-communities. It’s really valuable as we continue to consider internally how this change impacts our many different types of community members, especially freelancers.

We understand that pricing changes can affect your business and your livelihood. Because of this we’ve purposely built in an extended time window over which you’ll be able to make this transition. This change is not immediate for current Webflow community members, only new members from this day forward, with pricing changes for existing community members rolling out in later stages over the coming months.

Furthermore, our support team is also here to work with you on additional time extensions to this transition window and special accommodations for existing community members as you plan out the rest of your year. If you have any questions or want more information, please reach out to our support team.

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Thanks Nelson. As a webflow evangelist for 7 years now this is pretty concerning.
The wishlist is dead, the updates are coming at a third of the pace they used to, support takes five times longer when compared to 4 years ago, and now we need pay more for it.
I’ll chalk most of it up to growing pains but this move seems to be webflow forgetting that solopeneuers and freelancers built most of the community for years. Not agencies. And now we are getting pinched.

I’m not going anywhere, I love the product and will have to work around this for now, but as stated above. It does seem like an Adobe move


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Nelson, where was the user research before this was implemented? I was involved 2 weeks ago, but the researcher asked basic user interface flow questions on the existing system, and there was no look at how things might develop. So I suspect that you didn’t do any real research with the kinds of people whose feedback you are only now sharing with the team. Or you’re only interested in agencies and enterprise customers from now on, and trying to destroy the amazing community of Webflowers who love to share their knowledge through cloneables.


…so suck up the price hike to $50 or start deleting all those cloneables and utility projects that you’ve been using and sharing with the Webflowers community over the years.


So support is now going to be overflowing with “special accommodations” requests, taking time from other support requests, making support times longer for everyone.


Some of these points are valid, but I’ve gotta disagree about customer support. My response times used to be awful - 2-3 business days from initial ticket - but we’ve had stellar support over the last year, usually getting responses in a matter of hours.

As to the rest though, definitely reasonable.


Morning Webflow team,

The pricing info is hazy at best, with a massive focus on large teams.

Any chance that to help me (us) digest, we could have a scenario please? @PixelGeek @matthewpmunger

I have a Pro individual plan, and a Team account with myself and my developer in it. Total cost for the two is $35 per month (annually) for the Pro, and $70 per month (annually) for the Team. This costs me a total of $1260 per year.

I require all of the current features (namely whitelabelling & unlimited unhosted sites) offered by the personal Pro plan, and it is not feasible for me to merge both my personal and team accounts together into a single Workspace.

What is the new account structure and annual cost going to be for me? And do I lose any features from this transition?

I know there’s a temptation to dress up potentially bad news with marketing spiel, however I’d appreciate a clear and concise answer without any “fluff”.

Many thanks!


My agency currently has a 2 seat growth plan with approx 40+ site. 80% of these sites/projects are snapshots due to the lack of version control offered by Webflow.
While I welcome improved access controls, our monthly cost will increase from $89 to $120 per month. A 43% increase!!!
My finance team is going to freak out.
Talking about my finance team, they have been wanting access to Webflow billing for ages. On the plus side, Workspaces now offer billing-level access, yay! But this will cost an extra seat! So $60/mth just to view invoices…seriously?!? Surely I’m misunderstanding ever more complex webflow pricing model???
The open source community often warn about the risks of vendor lock-in. This price hike is a perfect demonstration of being held over a barrel.


I always thought charging for an account was a bit rubbish anyway - the product should stand up on its own to ensure all sites are hosted with Webflow where the money can be made.

However, given where we are I understand the need for such a structure. I just wish it was a sliding scale cost and not 0-100 after one site too many. As somebody said above, we have a bunch of clones of client sites due to a total lack of version control functionality in Webflow.

Such a steep increase is painful for anybody, but especially to freelancers who are very unlikely to ever need the full capabilities of Workspaces.

A real shame. Will it stop us using Webflow? Not in the immediate term, but it’s more work we have to do to make the same money. It has made me seriously wonder if we could abandon it though, and maybe this is something we look at over the summer. After all, almost everything we do with Webflow is exported and built-upon because it just can’t do everything we need - much of it quite basic.


That is fair. Admittedly I stopped using their support after Numerous times at 2-4 day delays and then the dreaded chat support bot phase. So I maybe misspoke about their current status since I have utilized the Facebook community entirely for the last 4-5 months


Hi team,

Appreciate you and all the work you do, BUT…

Like many others have said, it feels like solo entrepreneurs/freelancers have very much been overlooked here. I am a one-woman team and I don’t plan on changing that any time soon (or ever). I currently have the Pro plan as it allowed me to have unlimited projects. Realistically, what you have said about the Starter or Core workspace plan being a great option for a one-person or small team just doesn’t make sense.

We are a community; a community that loves to share knowledge, so pushing me into the Starter or Core option completely destroys that love for sharing as I can no longer share cloneables because of the limits on projects. I also have duplicate sites of previous clients that I would no longer be able to hold onto.

I don’t know - it really just feels like this update is SO out of touch with how a one-person team actually operates.


Hello @Andy_Vaughan, so for your case this new plans structure is actually going to be better for you. So the Pro plan will now be the Growth plan(same features) and it would be 48$ per month per seat, so if you have two people on your team it would be 96$ per month or 1152$ per year, so you will end up saving 108$ per year with the new plans.


Hello, I’m almost entirely new to Webflow.

I just built my portfolio on it in January and I’m hooked. I love it.

With my partner we are thinking of building themes and offering websites to our clients, we are already designing 3 themes in Figma. As a team of two aiming to build websites and themes, my main concern is that the 10 unhosted sites seems a bit too tight. If it were say 20 it would be much better as we will be building a few themes and websites at the same time as well as having multiple cloned projects to explore and learn from.

Again, coming from my somewhat non-existence experience, increasing the number of unhosted sites for the Core plan would do wonders for our finances in this early stage of learning how to Webflow commercially :sweat_smile:


@Pablo_Cortes thanks for contributing, and point taken that this could be a better solution IF I moved forward with one Workspace. However in my point to the Webflow staff, I mention that it isn’t feasible to combine what I do with my personal account into a single Workspace to be shared with my developer, therefore requiring 2 accounts at a cost of, as best as I can determine (pending Nelson or Matthew’s input) $1740 per year.


I figured I’d add another voice to the feedback flow.

I build for my own business and by definition I am not a freelancer.

I figure I might be one of those attracted to “low code” solutions. One thing that helped with my learning curve was the ability to inspect the showcase cloneable sites by bringing them into my account. I needed to bring in well more than 10 of these in order to get my first project to live. So I am concerned when a disincentive is put in place for those who are creating them.

For my business I will need to complete two to three more sites. So I anticipate more use of the unhosted sites feature going forward.

As it stands I have 18 sites in the dashboard 15 of which are non-paid/hosted. I can’t imagine how a freelancer could effectively work in the webflow environment under a limit of 10 unhosted sites. So yeah, if this knucklehead (me) can see the issue, then so too can anyone in product marketing or product management.

Segmentation is not a trivial task. Segment hopping feels good when you grow into the next segment due to organic growth or the need for higher feature sets. I don’t see the benefit (right now) to these team capabilities and probably won’t for some time. But I may need to hop into the Growth segment just to maintain my status quo.

So like many of the freelancers this will hit me as a price increase and not as a logical progression from one segment to the other.


Surely if you want to give client access to their own project at the designer level there should be a lower rate. I can live with the new Growth plan new rate to give access to all of my projects to new team members as I expand as this is a 1 to many relationship but the fee cant be justified when there is a 1 to 1 relationship as there would be for a client to have access to their project.