Works great in Safari but not Firefox or Chrome [resolved]

Update this has been resolved. Had z-index set to -1. Once I changed to 0 it was resolved.

I’m a newbie and building my first Webflow/portfolio site—so i’m quite sure I’m overlooking something obvious here. I had the home page dialed in like I wanted in Safari—but when I checked in Chrome and Firefox I realized there were some issues. Everything is working as I intended in Safari.

In Firefox (on mac): the first project photo doesn’t appear—but the other projects show up on the page. Have all project sections from what I can tell setup identical so stuck on what might be causing this. Also another issue I’m noticing is that the project photos appear when they come into view—but they should already be in view and just scale when they appear on screen.

In Chrome (mac): All the projects show up —but having the same issue where the project photos appear when they come into view instead of already being in view and scaling.

One thing to note: is I’m using custom code for the smooth scrolling and the scrolling text. I tried removing the custom code to see if maybe that was causing the issue—but still had same problems.

Here is the published

Here is the read only

Appreciate any help!


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