Workout of the day post rotation

Howdy all. I am getting ready to build a site for a gym that wants to post a workout of the day.
They have 100+ workouts and will be adding more.
I want to be able to have the workouts rotate daily, ie. workout #1, workout #2 the next day and so forth and after the 100th workout go back to #1.
Also would need to be able to add more workouts into the rotation as well.
Any ideas on how to schedule this?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@usatkdhkd, this is not possible natively on Webflow. I’m sure you can use custom code to show only the workout for that day. This is not ideal of course if there you need to show video/image as that’ll bog down your load time. If its just a link/text then its something you can consider.

Thanks so much for the input