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Workout Library Excercise CMS Builder

Alright guys, Im completely blank. I can not figure this out. I’ve tried to think of every way to make this possible. So Im wanting to create a fitness program. Every week users will open the site and choose the workout they want to do for the week. They then choose at home or gym. This is for a client so I was hoping this would be something I could easily manage with CMS system. But they would need to build a workout, which would be then connected to about 400 different exercises. They would need to be able to choose the exercise, and then decide how many sets / reps / and rest time. And then they could create another workout. Any help is greatly appreciated, and willing to pay if needed.

here is a quick mock up of what im looking to do.

Anyone on here on the weekend? Heres my solution at this point. I create 300 symbols of the different workouts. So the trainer can just search the workout and drag and drop. But would love to figure out a way to build this all with CMS.