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Working with GET and POST

So I’m fairly new with the idea of working with HTML and web-based code, and I would just like to applaud Webflow for making everything so much easier!

Anyway, I’m creating my website currently (meant to be a “mobile app” for a class I’m taking), and I’m stuck on how to work with GET and POST functions.

I’m trying to do this scheduling thing, where people can input tasks and have it show up on a schedule.
This is what I want to achieve:

  1. Filling out a form, such as filling out fields for a task (Name of task, start time, end time, location, etc).
  2. Clicking on a button such as “ADD TASK” which leads to a new page that lists the task.
  3. Clicking on a schedule button that shows the task for you.

Something like this:

Any help would be appreciated :smile: