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Working with different devices

Hi Dave, thanks for the vid, it fixed it beautifully.

I have another issue. A heading is being bumped into 2 lines and I cant work out why?

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, thanks for the update. It looks like there is some issue with the styling on the “container winder” class for the container that precedes the services heading. When I removed the styles set for the container winder class, and then set the services heading text to be aligned center in the typography settings, it starts to look better:

I would check those container styles next and try to use the default styles for the container in all viewports:

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


Hi Dave, thank you I fixed it with this.

I have just uploaded updated site to client server and it looks terrible on mobile yet in Webflow everything looks ok??

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, thanks for the update. Sorry to hear of the further issue on mobile, can you let me know exactly what kind of mobile device it is, ie. iphone or other? I am happy to take a look. Is there something in particular that is not looking correct?

I see that there are a lot of fixed widths and heights being used, which always impact to mobile layouts. One suggestion is to try to limit the amount of fixed widths to as few as possible. Changing that often helps the design to be responsive.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the tip re widths. I’ll look into that. Slider looks bad too. I’m viewing on iPhone 6 plus.

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, thanks for the update :slight_smile: I am taking a look :slight_smile:

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, As much as I hate to say this, background images used on the slide element are notoriously inconsistent with various browsers and viewport widths.

In order to overcome this, can you please keep the slide class as simple as possible and place a div block inside your slides (with your bg images, styles, etc)?

Keep me posted on your progress :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for your message. Am I to use divs all the time then when it comes to images?

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, yes you can place divs in every slide, and also place divs within divs if you need… divs are very powerful. If you can make a tutorial request for how to structure your site using divs here:, I will do my best to do a quick tutorial ASAP :smile:

Hi Dave, I just did thanks. Also how do I get rid of the template name in browser?

AND I need to build a new website and need to integrate a reservation app. Does Webflow integrate with Wordpress?

Hi @dzgraphicdesign, if you search in the search bar of the forums for “Wordpress” or “CMS” there’s a heap of topics that cover your question.

I believe the long story short is no, not natively, however there are some great people out there who have detailed work around ways such as using ULTIMATUM.

Hope this helps!

Hey thanks for the headsup! I’ll check out what I can re this on the forum.

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