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Working with a premium template

I am graphic designer that is relatively new to Webflow, so I apologize if my questions are obvious.

I purchased Agencieos to build my Design Studios website, I like aspects of multiple demo templates, see below

Homepage - Demo 04
About - Demo 02
Services - Demo 01
Work - Demo 01
Contact - Demo 02

  1. How do i mix and match these pages to create a consistent site? is it as easy as duplicating these pages in the PAGES section to a new folder?

  2. Should i get rid of the other Home and other Demo pages i don’t need from the PAGES section?

  3. How can i use one of the headers and footers across the whole website when i am using different demo pages for each section?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @Alex3

So, I’ll try to answer in order:

  1. there are numerous ways to achieve what you want… I would create a new folder in the Pages section and drag all the pages that you want to use in there.

  2. You can designate any page you chose to be your homepage - you can do it by going to the Pages section however on the page you want to make your homepage and click the gear icon - you will see options there – you don’t need to delete anything untill you have prepared you site completely… then you can remove unneeded / unused pages/elements

  3. it seems that in your template the footer/navbar elements are symbols so to use the one you like is as simple as copy/paste it to the page you want to use it on. alternatively go to the Add panel and select the Symbols tab - you will find them all there

Hope this helps


Fantastic! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me Ilya!