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(Working on a 2K screen tips?) Scaling in Designer Looks different from real world Screen Difference

Hello again guys, I have a 2K screen and everything I work on looks huge on smaller displays, but that’s normal of course so I just make everything small.

The problem arises when I scale down In the designer everything works normally when I’m using FlexBox for example but on a screen that has a resolution lets say 1366x768 everything overlaps and it looks broken.

Anyone else using a high-resolution display? Or should I just work from my laptop?

Um… 2k resolution is one of the most used resolutions if you mean something like 1980x1200/1080. It should totally look normal all the time.

Do you have an example for us to take a look at by chance? It sounds like it could be an issue with how you’re sizing your elements (maybe specifically related to min/max dimensions) but can’t say without a specific instance of the issue.

Okay so let me rephrase myself Im working on 2560 x 1440 and usually people have on their laptops 1280 x 720 or something like that.

Its not really for one project I was just asking if anyone else is working on 2560x1440 or higher and what are the best practices.

You can always adjust the width of the preview window in the designer to get an idea of how the elements respond to smaller screen sizes. I’ll regularly check my sections to make sure everything behaves as expected in the range of resolutions below what I design in. And now the resize feature allows me to preview resolutions above what I design in (for users like you who have a larger than 1920x1080 resolution) - something that wasn’t really easy to do previously.

If you’re using things like negative margins and elements that don’t have a width/height limitations set then you may be noticing those errors in the smaller end of the desktop breakpoint as content and layout begin to reach their limits. Since we don’t have control over the individual breakpoints (yet) it’s a good idea to regularly check that your layout can respond well to these smaller sizes.