Workflow of developing on site while adding CMS items

I’ve been using Webflow for a while, but still haven’t found a convenient way to work with the CMS while also working on new pages / new designs for the site.

Am I doing something wrong / how do you deal with a similar use case?

CMS publishing issues

  • I want to make changes in the designer while also creating / editing CMS items. My site uses custom code so we have to publish to the domain to see how these changes affect the live site. Evidently we don’t want to publish to the custom domain (the .com), but this means that the publication dates of the website are ‘out of sync’.

  • I want to continue to add to the CMS (it’s a content-based website) but not have to publish the entire website every time I add or edit a new CMS item. At the moment I can’t because I get the error that I need to publish everything / the custom domain & the domain have different publication dates. So this ( doesn’t work.

  • As a consequence, I’ve duplicated the website (as per here) to allow a developer to work on it without publishing changes to the live site, and also because I want to retain final publishing rights to the custom domain / live site.

  • In addition to one developer working on the duplicated site, I am making some design changes to the original one (the custom domain), so the two sites (custom domain & duplicated copy) are out of sync.

The result of all of this is that it’s pretty confusing, and ‘merging’ the sites will mean going through and copying pages / elements (I guess), which is far from ideal.

What is the suggested workflow for this / how to you achieve this?

My requirements seem quite routine / basic, but I haven’t yet found a way to do this in an efficient way with webflow.

Any help / pointers very gratefully received :pray:

Hi Alastair,

Did you end up sorting through this issue?

I am facing the 2nd problem you listed and trying to find an answer.

Would love to hear from you on the fixes (if any).

I didn’t, unfortunately. I end up just pushing new CMS items through Integromat, which isn’t ideal.

Hi Alastair,

Sad to hear.

I fixed mine by publishing my changes to all the sites first. After this step, I am able to conduct the single site publish now. So, it seems you need to have your staging & LIVE site synced at some point. Something like that…