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Workaround for Webflow Editor in Mobile-View

I have built a site with some complicated sliders that didn’t translate well from desktop to mobile. Because of this, I built a desktop slider and a mobile slider. Once I passed on the Editor privileges to my client, they were unable to edit the slider text in mobile-view, so I found a work-around.

Please note that edits to mobile-view still need to be done on a desktop.

Editing mobile-view specific elements in Editor can be done by opening DevTools displaying the appropriate view, making the changes, and then exiting DevTools to publish.

Hopefully, an easier method for clients to edit mobile-view from a mobile device will be implemented soon. This will be a major barrier for me to sell Webflow to my less tech-savvy clients. Especially since the number of mobile users has surpassed desktop users.


Great tip thanks!

You can also use Symbols to provide an easy way for your clients to edit the content of sliders, or any other difficult to access content (content of a modal, content that’s hidden in any way…).

Use a div to wrap the content inside every Slide element. Make a Symbol out of that div.
Create a page that’s only meant for your client to access, you can call it Sliders Dashboard. On this page, add all the symbols one after another, inside of a Container for example. They’re now very easy to access by your client, all on one page. You can gather this way all the difficultly accessible content of one website so it’s all editable in one place.